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The Fuel Genie is a GAS SAVING DEVICE which fufills three wishes:

Fuel Genie Box


The Fuel Genie is easily installed in 5 minutes in most cars. It is installed into the air intake hose closest to the air filter box.

The Fuel Genie is a non moving part, made of durable automotive plastic which operates on the basis of Vortex-Venturi, utilizing the Bernoulli's Principal of changing the angular velocity of the vehicle air intake. more...


January 16 - 18, 2015 - Toronto RV Show (Mississauga, Ontario)

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The Fuel Genie Corporation
The Fuel Genie is now fully Patented (U.S.:Serial Number 423640, Series Code 10, Filed 2003-04-25; Can.: 2-426-892)
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