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The Fuel Genie Corporation - Intallation


Raise vehicle hood. Locate Air Intake Hose (this hose runs from the Air Filter box to the engine). Loosen the clamp which holds the hose to the Air Filter box.



Insert The Fuel Genie small-end-first into the air hose or hard plastic housing which runs toward the engine's butterfly. The desired distance from the engine is 4 to 8 inches (10-20cm) if possible. If this is not possible install the Genie in the hose until you feel it fits snug in the hose or plastic housing. In some cases The Fuel Genie may also be installed in the air filter box's hard plastic housing. NOTE: if The Fuel Genie does not fit snug you may have the wrong size Genie. If this is the case DO NOT INSTALL - RETURN IT FOR THE CORRECT SIZE. The Fuel Genie must be snug so as not to interfere with the engine's butterfly.



Replace hose on air filter housing and re-tighten clamp.

You are now ready to experience the benefits of The Fuel Genie. You should recognize an immediate improvement in your vehicle's performance. Improvements in fuel economy and reduced emissions will be apparent during and after the second tank of fuel.

If you have any installation questions or concerns please call our tech line at
and one of our technicians will return your call within 24 hours.
For immediate assistance, call 416-428-0001

Note: The Fuel Genie Corporation will not at any time be held liable for any damages that may occur as a result of incorrect installation.


The Fuel Genie Corporation
The Fuel Genie is now fully Patented (U.S.:Serial Number 423640, Series Code 10, Filed 2003-04-25; Can.: 2-426-892)
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